What are we reading? May 7, 2020


Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Timothy Renshaw, Managing Editor

Musical frequencies, vitamin supplements, ozone treatments and all manner of flim flam included in this latest U.S. Federal Trade Commission inventory of questionable COVID-19 cure claims



Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor

Tenants in B.C. are protected from eviction for not paying rent during the pandemic. But many fear they’ll lose that protection with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and changes in provincial policy as the threat of the virus recedes. – Georgia Strait



A look at how ill-prepared we are as a species for a menace like this pandemic:

“The problem, in many ways, is one of architecture. The human brain is like a three-storey heritage building, constructed haphazardly by the forces of evolution over a very long time – and the old threat-detector is in the basement.” – The Walrus