B.C. health officer to take over Hollywood actress's Instagram as part of global COVID fight

B.C. health officer Bonnie Henry’s profile continues to rise in the global fight against COVID-19, as the medical official will take over Hollywood actress Olivia Munn’s Instagram account next Tuesday as part of an awareness campaign.

The move is part of an initiative – called #PassTheMic - by ONE, a global movement created to fight preventable diseases and extreme poverty worldwide. One of the founders of ONE is Bono, front-man for the music super-group U2.

When asked at her morning press briefing today on First Nations communities’ fight against COVID, Henry was visibly excited about the opportunity – something she confirmed in her response.

“I’m not particularly social-media savvy, I have to admit,” Henry said with a laugh. “But I’m excited about this and had a great opportunity to develop some messages that will be coming out today.”

Henry added that her message will likely centre around the same themes that she has made in provincial health updates daily since March – which has helped B.C. become one of the top North American jurisdictions in fighting the spread of COVID during the pandemic.

“It’s about solidarity and the fact that all of us is dealing with these unprecedented times,” she said. “We talked today about the things we have to do differently for communities that have historically been differently impacted, and when we work together, we can make a difference... We need to be compassionate and reach out, and we need to do this together as a global community as well as a community here in B.C.”

Other health policy experts who have appeared in the initiative include U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci, who was invited by actress Julia Roberts to participate as part of #PassTheMic.