T&T Supermarkets to suspend temperature checks

A T&T Supermarket employee checks a customers temperature with an infrared thermometer | Photo: T&T Supermarket

While many businesses have adopted temperature checks at their stores, one Asian grocery giant has decided to suspend these checks as of June 9.

All T&T Supermarket locations across Canada, including two in Richmond, will be suspending temperature checks at the door after finding the numbers “inaccurately high.”

According to Tina Lee, CEO of T&T Supermarkets, the high temperature numbers was a result of customers lining up outside of the grocery store on a hot weekend in Toronto.

“We don’t want to be turning away customers that are registering a high temperature just because they have been standing outside in the heat, or just coming in after some outdoor activity,” said Lee in a statement.

Company employees will still undergo mandatory temperature checks, while shoppers are asked to still wear masks when entering the store.

T&T was one of the first stores that implemented temperature check protocols with the intention to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in April.

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