Temperature checks required for all passengers at YVR

Starting Thursday, domestic and international passengers will be required to have their temperature checked before leaving Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Transport Canada requires the Canada Air Transport Authority to conduct temperature screening before passenger enter security screening checkpoints. This is being implemented at four major Canadian airports: YVR, Calgary International, Toronto Pearson and Montreal -Trudeau International. 

All passengers and employees will have their temperature checked before going through the luggage screening, said Roby McVicker, vice-president of YVR operations and maintenance, a process that only takes a few seconds.

Passengers and employees whose temperature is 38 degrees Celsius or higher will be directed to a seating area and then will undergo a second temperature reading 10 minutes later. If they don’t pass the second reading, they won’t be allowed through security nor onto a flight. 

The mandatory temperature screening comes in addition to health screening questions and face coverings that are already mandatory for all passengers. 

YVR already started conducting temperature screening for employees earlier this month with the launch of the TAKEcare program, a health and safety campaign designed to help travellers get through the airport without worrying about the COVID-19, McVicker explained. 

The program has put in place a number of health and safety protocols at the airport, including requiring masks in the terminal, mandating social-distancing and only allowing valid flight ticket holders and employees to enter the airport. 

“YVR TAKEcare program went really well so far and people are very compliant,” said McVicker.