What are we reading? July 30, 2020

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Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Emma Crawford Hampel, online editor:

Europeans feel increasingly fearful of a second wave of COVID as cases have been surging in recent weeks. – The Guardian



Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor:

Gabriola’s Bert ter Hart returned to the B.C. coast this month after circumnavigating the world alone in his “family cruiser” sailboat. His nine-month feat is particularly impressive for his having relied on low-tech navigation, plotting his course with a compass and sextant. – Vancouver Island Free Daily



Over the past several months, the pandemic has often highlighted what is good about Canada; unfortunately there have also been more than a few incidents – racist attacks and potentially lethal sabotage of vehicles with out-of-province plates among them – showing our ugly side. – The Star