What are we reading? August 6, 2020

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Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor:

Despite Canada’s relative success in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, public health authorities are still fighting an uphill battle against conspiracy theories and social media misinformation about the virus. A new study reveals the depth of the problem. – CBC



Scientists and aircraft designers know how to work with lift – the principle that keeps planes and birds in the air – but they’re not sure why it works. There are two main competing theories but new explanations may finally lay the lift question to rest after more than a century of powered flight. – Scientific American



Emma Crawford Hampel, online editor:

This article argues that the term “Karen” has some social significance in that it supposedly calls out the attitudes of those with a sense of entitlement. However, while that may have been the original usage of the word, it seems to be used now just as a way to disagree with and mock women in general. – Discover



Timothy Renshaw, managing editor:

Sen. Bernie Sanders leading the charge to force U.S. billionaires like Jeff Bezos, the Walton family and Mark Zuckerberg to contribute some of their millions to help out with COVID-19's skyrocketing economic and social costs, most of which are being shouldered now by people with next to no spare thousands, let alone millions of dollars https://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/sanders-colleagues-introduce-tax-on-billionaire-wealth-gains-to-provide-health-care-for-all-


Which Canadians are suffering the worst financial caning in the new pandemic economy? This TransUnion report provides some interesting insights.



Shipping industry insights into the Beirut ammonium nitrate disaster. – TradeWinds