BIV unveils 2020 B.C. CTO/CIO Award winners

BIV celebrates the province’s standout leaders in technology and breakthrough innovation with the unveiling of this year’s B.C. CTO/CIO Award winners.

From carbon capture to VR simulations for surgeons to the development of digital identities for British Columbians, BIV’s judges panel was captivated by the pedigree of talent leading the way in technology this past year.

Applicants from across the province came from an array of private, public and non-profit organizations and BIV is pleased to announce the final selections:

CTO of the Year: David St. Angelo, chief technology officer, Carbon Engineering

CIO of the Year: CJ Ritchie, chief information officer, Government of British Columbia 

Startup CTO of the Year: Colin O’Connor, chief technology officer, Precision OS

Winners will be featured on throughout the week in video interviews and audio podcasts.

Please join us September 9 for a conversation with Colin O’Connor, followed by CJ Ritchie on September 10 and David St. Angelo on September 11.

In the meantime, B.C. Tech Association CEO Jill Tipping, a judge for last year’s awards, delves into the evolving role of CTOs and CIOs: