Recruiting firm gives tech companies a leg up in the Vancouver hiring market

Vancouver’s proximity to Silicon Valley along with Canada’s increasing appeal for international talent have contributed to Vancouver’s status as a burgeoning tech hub.

But an increase of demand for local tech expertise and IT professionals has created a shortage of qualified employees.

As competition to attract the top talent heats up, IT/IQ Tech Recruiters helps companies bring the best and brightest to their organizations.

“It’s not easy for companies,” says Feras Elkhalil, president of IT/IQ. 

“Demand on talent, especially tech talent is increasing at a rapid pace. You’re coming into an environment where you must know the market and tap into specialists that will help you to promote your brand and get ahead.”

With offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, IT/IQ Tech Recruiters has provided contract and permanent IT recruitment services across Canada since 2002.

What sets IT/IQ apart is its focus on specialization in the tech industry, says Elkhalil.

“There are a lot of generalist firms out there. We don’t do that. When you’re calling us up, you know that we can find you exactly who you need for your team,” he says.

“If you need an open source developer, we’ll send you to our open source team. If you need a product manager, we have a team that focuses on the functional skill sets in tech too. We can provide candidates across the whole system development life cycle all across Canada.” 

IT/IQ’s account management team is proactive and makes sure that they understand their clients’ corporate culture, strategic initiatives, and resourcing requirements. 

“We go deep into organizations and build a relationship with them,” Elkhalil says.

“We have a candidate network that values us and trusts us to promote the companies that we think will offer a good fit. We can tell the whole story to a candidate.”

A team of specialized recruiters works to establish connections with IT professionals, understanding their capabilities, goals, and career ambitions. IT/IQ boasts more than 40 recruitment experts who work continually to find the best candidates.

“We are constantly building,” Elkhalil says.

In addition to its focus on tech specialization, IT/IQ’s success lies in its candidate database. Currently, there are 250,000 IT professionals in its database waiting to be matched with the right opportunity, and it grows every day.

“We get thousands of applicants every year. Every day our recruiters are screening and adding candidates to our database,” Elkhalil says.

“This is a daily activity. Almost hourly.”

IT/IQ was founded in Vancouver and offers the advantage of nearly 20 years worth of connections. The company knows the tech landscape and has a pool of candidates that trust the firm to recommend the best fit for them.

“What we do is tell the whole story about the company we’re representing; this includes talking about their history, technology, their amazing culture and the leadership behind the brand. A candidate will know a multi-national tech company and they will want to go there because it’s a recognized global organization. But our recruiters can pull them away from that direction because we can tell them the complete story another company that is hiring to help candidates see behind their details on a website ,” Elkhalil says.

“Our Account Managers and Recruiters help you through the hiring process. We know there are candidates who are good on paper but won’t fit your environment. We look at candidates with precision. We are highly specialized. We have teams within teams that handle what you’re looking for.”

IT/IQ is also available to help companies adapt to the post COVID-19 work landscape.

“The latest thing that we’re seeing with remote work is now everything is flat. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the office, it doesn’t matter if you're in San Francisco or Vancouver. You get the same technical knowledge, and it comes at a discount to pay salaries in Canadian dollars versus American dollars.”

IT/IQ’s recently launched Remote Teams service to assist firms to scale their business by recruiting, onboarding, and equipping remote team members.

“We can build a team for you,” Elkhalil says.

For help finding the right people for your team, visit IT/IQ Tech Recruiters online at