Richmond brewery hosts virtual beer tasting happy hour

Brewmaster Steve Black is thrilled to introduce top-selling craft beers to viewers | Photo: Submitted

A brewing company headquartered in Richmond will host a virtual happy hour to unwind with friends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Old Abbey Ales, an Abbotsford brewery with its head office in Richmond, will launch a virtual beer tasting event on Sept. 18 to introduce their most iconic craft beers to the public and teach audiences how to use beer to make cocktails in just minutes.

“Hanging out and cracking some beer with friends is missed by many during the pandemic, but there are other ways to raise glasses with your dearest by gathering online via Zoom,” said Sonny Li, CEO of Old Abbey Ales.

“I know meeting friends in person sounds more exciting, but sometimes it’s hard to keep social-distancing rules in mind after the booze kicks in,” added Li.

Steve Black, a brewmaster from Old Abbey Ales, said he is going to introduce their top-selling craft beers and also introduce nitro beer, which is listed as one of the most Instagram-worthy drinks.

Sour raspberry, another one of its popular beers, will also be featured in the virtual event.

“The sour raspberry beer has won multiple awards, including 1st place at the Canadian beer awards in the fruit beer category and 2nd at the BC beer awards in the same category. I used fresh raspberries from a local farm and lactobacillus bacteria to sour it. It’s the same bacteria we used to sour the yogurt.

“I am excited to host a virtual party to help people escape what’s going on in the world and focus on what we are grateful for. No matter where you are, you can have a drink together," said Black, adding that he hopes everyone can “arrive thirsty, but leave inspired and happy.”

For new Canadians who might not be aware of the Canadian beer culture, the event could help participants broaden their tasting vocabulary and understand Canada’s beer history.

“It will make your beer taste even better after getting to know the history behind. You can also get your beer questions answered from our brewmaster,” said Li.

The cost is $20, including eight 473ml beer cans that need to be picked up at 4211 No. 3 Rd. in Richmond beginning Sept. 1.

People who have questions about the event can email: or visit the website

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