'Time travel' back to 1930s Vancouver via this incredible new video

@bigblueani via YouTube

Ever wonder what it might have looked like to walk the streets of downtown Vancouver nearly a century ago?

A video recently created and shared by Brian A. Walters is like a "time machine" that takes viewers to the heart of the city around 90 years ago.

Walters says he did take a few creative liberties in assembling the images: "This piece is from roughly 1930 and shows the area around Georgia and Granville Streets, though it isn't one particular year as much as it is a greatest hits of early 1900s Vancouver architecture."

Architecture buffs may note that while the buildings are beautiful, not all the neighbours are wholly accurate. 

"Many of these buildings never actually lived together at the same time, but how cool do they all look together?" adds Walters.

Pretty cool, is the standard answer.

Keep your eye out for historic signs and businesses, B.C. Electric trolley cars whizzing by, and some landmarks that are still standing - or long gone. 

Watch closely at the very end, and you'll see that Walters wasn't the only "time traveller" in the area. 

The video was shared over the weekend to a popular Vancouver history Facebook group, where it garnered well over a hundred comments from delighted viewers.

Walters is a skilled hand at creating these kinds of videos; he's also done a "time machine" project featuring legendary Canadian band RUSH

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