What are we reading? September 10, 2020

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Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor:

Potential legal grief for Google as lawyers in B.C., Ontario and Quebec file class-action lawsuits against the tech giant.

According to the claim, Google “turns Canadians’ electronics into tracking devices, which it uses to build profiles on almost every Internet user in Canada; even people Google has no relationship with, all without their consent.” – ITWorld Canada



The shift to working from home may be driving increased demand for single-family homes, as buyers look for more room. – Georgia Straight



Emma Crawford Hampel, online editor: 

It has been six months since Canada saw its first pandemic-related death. How is the country doing when it comes to flattening the curve? This graph shows where things are heading, broken down by province. – Macleans



Timothy Renshaw, managing editor: 

Any chance that recovery for the  international airline and airport business is anywhere near getting off the runway any time soon? Facing a 5.6 billion passenger decrease and a $105 billion revenue freefall in 2020, wishful thinkers at Airports Council International (ACI) World have got a plan in hand. – Airports Council International