What are we reading? November 5, 2020

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Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor:

Yesterday, as it looked more likely that voters were evicting him from the White House, Donald Trump whipped out some royal “We”:

“We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, “ tweeted Trump. And Georgia. And North Carolina. And … “Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan.”

The Daily Kos gets some laffs out of this:

“Trump has not actually sallied for to plant little Team Trump flags on the states he’s claimed. Yet. Though he does seem to think using the word “hereby” a lot, and fully spelling out “the State of ...” makes this very official.”

I hereby recommend that you read this post. – Daily Kos



Emma Crawford Hampel, online editor:

“Land grabs, egos and spoiled movie scenes.” Visiting Mount Rushmore is on many people’s bucket lists, but are they aware of the controversial history of the creation of this monument? – National Geographic