What are we reading? December 23, 2020

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Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web


Kirk LaPointe, publisher and editor-in-chief:

What is death? This wonderfully written essay by a hospice worker gives us much to think about as the pandemic coaxes us to confront mortality and its meaning. No, it’s not too morbid for the holiday season. - The New York TImes



Why does America distrust science? A good question. More worrisome is what we need to consider about that. - The Boston Review



It’s been an odd year for culture, but this list of 16 albums demonstrates how even eclectic artistry finds its way in a pandemic. - The Atlantic



Timothy Renshaw, managing editor:

Are you ready for a 5G world? The U.S., Asia and Europe appear to be. Not sure about Canada and not sure how beneficial overall 5G will be in making Earth a better place to live considering the state of a planet already armed with an arsenal of communication and other high-tech tools. Anyway, here is an update on the 5G numbers, current and projected, from Bankr



More good news on the solar power technology front. – Popular Mechanics



Emma Crawford Hampel, online editor:

The pandemic is still raging. But “floating coronavirus superspreader events” in the form of cruises are still a thing in parts of Europe. Are the fog machines that spray antiviral disinfectant and socially distant seating adequate? The cruise lines think so. – National Geographic



Glen Korstrom, reporter:

The humorous and engaging dispute between billionaire bond-fund founder Bill Gross, and his neighbour, which included Gross blasting the theme song to Gilligan’s Island on a loop late at night has a long way to go, including a jury verdict.

A  judge, however, just issued a restraining order against Gross, and a demand that he not harass his neighbour with blaring music. The case also contains some lessons, such as not buying million-dollar glass art and deciding to place it outside, under a tree, so it needs protective netting that could obstruct a neighbour’s view. – New York Post



Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor

After years of stop-and-go planning, Apple is revving up its quasi-secret plans to manufacture self-driving cars, according to reports. The iPhone maker is building on a battery design that “radically” reduces costs and extends the range of the vehicle. – Reuters



Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson has released a peek at his Beatles documentary that’s slated to be released next year. If The Beatles: Get Back is anywhere near as good as They Shall Not Grow Old, his stunning First World War doc, this new project will definitely be worth looking at. – Georgia Straight