Actor from “Kim’s Convenience” will host acting workshops at Richmond organization

Students aged seven to 19 interested in acting and improving their communication skills are welcome to join the acting workshop with James Yi

Award-nominated James Yi will host acting workshops this year | Photo: Submitted

Actor James Yi from Kim’s Convenience, a hit CBC TV show featuring a Korean-Canadian family, will launch a series of acting workshops at a Richmond-based organization for the first time. 

Students aged seven to 19 interested in acting and improving their communication skills can join the acting workshop with Yi, explained Elizabeth Chau, principal and artistic director of Childlike Faith Academy (CFA), a local faith-based organization specializing in theatre arts.

“We are lucky to get Yi to teach at CFA because his experience benefits the whole community,” said Chau. “At the same time, having an acting workshop right now is perfect timing as everything has moved online since last year, which gives us more chances to present ourselves in front of the camera.”

CFA used to provide in-person theatre training and activities for children, but as the COVID-19 has shifted all classes online, kids have had to learn how to present themselves in front of a camera, explained Chau. Many children are excited to have classes with a TV star. 

The workshop, which starts on Jan. 23 and lasts for three hours every other week, will teach children how to use all five senses, better utilize their creativity and imagination and includes on-camera scene study. 

Chau told the Richmond News she met Yi at a church and discovered his passion about educating the next generation on acting. 

However, it’s been challenging for Chau to bring Yi into the program since he isn’t just busy as a professional actor but he is also an associate pastor at a church in Surrey. 

“His whole family is so talented. Yi’s wife has written music for kids and helped the church put on musical performances. And his daughter taught children how to dance while Yi was directing. They are really into raising the next generation,” said Chau. 

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