Meng Wanzhou applies for change in bail conditions

Meng Wanzhou | File photo: Albert Van Santvoort

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. CFO Meng Wanzhou has officially applied to change the current conditions of her bail, officials said today.

In a release by the Canadian Department of Justice, officials confirmed the bail hearing will be held Tuesday and Wednesday and be heard by Justice William Ehrcke, the same judge who set the current bail conditions in 2018.

Meng is currently confined to the Vancouver area outside of the airport zone and is subject to 24/7 monitoring (with the aid of a tracking ankle bracelet while outside her home). The defence is expected to request change in the conditions around surveillance and supervision.

Crown prosecutors, however, will object to the application.

“It is Canada’s position that the conditions imposed on Ms. Meng by the British Columbia Supreme Court at her initial bail application in December 2018 were necessary and appropriate, and there is no reason to vary the conditions at this time,” officials said in a statement.

The main Meng extradition hearing will resume March 1 in the court of Justice Heather Holmes.