Tanium solves challenges for the most demanding IT environments

Stephanie Aceves, senior director and the threat response SME lead at Tanium, will be presenting Tanium’s keynote address on May 6 at 1:10 p.m.

Tanium’s breakthrough approach decentralizes data collection, aggregation and distribution down to the endpoint, dramatically reducing direct client-to-server communications to deliver real-time visibility, comprehensive control, and rapid response.

This is why the world’s most sophisticated organizations — including nearly half of the Fortune 100, multiple branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and over 70 percent of the top 10 retailers and financial institutions — trust Tanium to help them confidently manage performance, detect and respond to threats, and ensure compliance across their operations.

Today’s business challenges around IT

The corporate network as we know it is gone.

Endpoints are everywhere, and the number ofconnected devices is exploding. The footprint of IT is now in the cloud, at remote sites, in factories, hospital rooms, banks, government agencies, home offices, and virtually anywhere there is a computer and an employee.

At the same time, organizations now must defend against increasingly sophisticated and rapidly evolving cyberattacks that threaten to take down networks, disrupt operations and steal sensitive data — leaving major financial and reputational damage in their wake.

As environments have extended beyond the datacenter and devices have proliferated, the number of point tools used
used to manage and secure endpoints has become exponentially more complex.

These legacy solutions only give IT operations and security teams a narrow view into a small segment of their environment. Tracking a performance problem — or hunting for post-compromise activity — can mean bouncing from tool to tool, trying to pick up the pieces like so many bread crumbs. There is a better way.

Tanium: the endpoint platform

The Tanium Endpoint Platform addresses the crippling complexities and inefficiencies of  narrowly-focused and siloed endpoint management and security tools.

Our platform provides manageability, security and insight where digital business begins: at the endpoint. See, control and protect anything with a chip.

Tanium engineers spent five years pioneering a new approach to managing the complete lifecycle of endpoints at any scale. Our breakthrough technology decentralizes data collection, aggregation and distribution, bringing all-new efficiencies to how organizations manage and secure their endpoints.

As a result, the Tanium Platform dramatically reduces direct client-to-server communications and delivers real-time visibility, comprehensive control, and the ability to rapidly respond to performance issues and cyberthreats.

The Tanium Platform is zero-infrastructure. It works in any cloud environment, and is built for distributed operations.

Tanium makes it easy to keep all your devices updated, patched and configured properly toensure they are running at their best and are fully secure.

With Tanium, organizations can answer important questions about the devices connected to their networks and act quickly to manage and secure those devices.

If there is a breach — and there will be one — Tanium can help you detect signs of compromise, including from privilege escalation and lateral movement. Stop intrusions far faster and with greater precision than any other solution.

The Tanium Platform unifies IT, security and risk teams around a common dataset formed by the most complete, accurate and up-to-date endpoint telemetry, helping your teams work together. With Tanium, you can improve IT hygiene and security protection while lowering your organiza tional risk.