Local boutique design and development studio speeds digital transformation

A new survey by global research firm McKinsey has found that responses to COVID-19 have speeded the adoption of digital products and services by several years, and that many of these changes could be here for the long haul.

“Digital has become the main channel for brands to connect with their customers. When was the last time you went into a bank?” Adrian Moise, founder and CEO of Aequilibrium says.

Moise’s company, Aequilibrium, has not only survived but grown during the pandemic. It's done this by helping clients understand how to create remarkable digital experiences that improve people’s lives.

Better digital experiences are at the heart of what Aequilibrium is all about. 

“We help people innovate and ideate,” Moise says, “but we don’t stop there. We help them deliver.”

Local customer success stories include Hootsuite, Central 1, iQmetrix, FINCAD, and BuildDirect.com.  

“We help our clients understand their customers with the goal of designing digital products and services that closely align to their markets and deliver remarkable experiences for their customers. In essence, we care about who they care about,” Moise says.

In a time when speed to market is essential, partnering with Aequilibrium is a sure shot to get new digital enterprises off the ground quickly.

Companies work with Aequilibrium to validate market fit for new products and services, rapidly prototype, and reduce implementation risk with delivery and integration.

Aequilibrium’s flexible engagement models accelerate digital transformation for clients.  

Some companies work with them to deploy one or more Agile squads – a team that includes multidisciplinary experts from design through to development.  In those cases, Aequilibrium becomes accountable for the deliverables.  

Other companies don’t require ideation or validation. They just need to deliver quickly and reliably. They frequently struggle with their capacity or their skills and knowledge.  For these clients, Aequilibrium typically embeds experts directly into client teams. This allows them to quickly flex the team composition and their capabilities without having to take on the burden of additional full-time employees. 

Aequilibrium brings in their product, design, and technology expertise to complement and extend the client’s in house skill set while providing the backend support structure that underpins all of Aequilibrium’s employees.

Aequilibrium tailors the approach for each project, personalizing it for the client’s culture and industry by adapting its processes and tools to fit the client’s needs.

To learn more about services offered by Aequilibrium, visit aequilibrium.com.