One of Calgary's top chefs is opening a pop-up burger joint in Vancouver

Bring on the Double Cheese Burgers, please!


One of Calgary’s top chefs is bringing his namesake pop-up burger club to the west coast.

Pigot’s Burger Club, the brainchild of Chef Mike Pigot, announced yesterday on Instagram that their third location will be in Vancouver. While an official location will be announced later this week, they hint it’ll be close to a beach in the caption. Also, the photo is of English Bay. 

Given that Pigot has a history of working with Craft Beer Market, the address for the other two Pigot’s Burger Club’s (which offer delivery and pick-up) are in Craft Beer Markets, a new Craft Beer Market opened on English Bay and the website has a location for Vancouver with the English Bay Craft Beer Market address we’ll let the reader draw conclusions as to the location.

Pigot has opened one pop-up in his hometown of Calgary already, and a second in Toronto where he collaborated with another local chef, Jerome Robinson.

The first day in Toronto they sold out.

Burger options include classics like a Double Cheese Burger or Mushroom Cheese Burger as well as ‘Non-Meat-a-Tarian’ options. All have a special sauce and spice blend. Sides and beverages are also options.

Aside from his work with the Craft Beer Market Pigot has garnered fame for winning an episode of Guy’s Grocery Games (which focused on carnival foods) and won the ‘Best Chef’ category in 2020 from the ‘Best of Calgary.’