Parkland to install EV charging from Island to Calgary

Gas station operator to install 100 fast chargers at 25 stations by 2022

Fast-chargers will provide 80% charge in 20 minutes. | Getty Images

Parkland Corp. (TSX:PKI), which owns and operates Chevron, Fas Gas and Esso brand gas stations, plans to build up to 100 electric vehicle fast-chargers in Western Canada, stretching from Vancouver Island to Calgary.

The EV chargers will be built at 25 of its retail gas stations. The fast chargers will be capable of providing an 80% charge for most EV’s in 20 minutes.

“Coupled with our track record of renewable fuel manufacturing, our ultra-fast charging network is one of many disciplined, focused investments we are making as part of our approach to energy transition,” Parkland CEO Bob Espey said in a press release.

Espey referred to Parkland’s new biofuel refining project in Burnaby, where it is making its own renewable fuel to meet B.C.’s low carbon fuel standard.

“Our B.C. retail portfolio covers major population centres and highway corridors and includes our high-quality convenience stores and exclusive Triple O’s food offering,” said Parkland President Donna Sanker. “Collectively, these create convenience destinations where customers can shop, eat and use complimentary wi-fi while they charge their vehicles.”

The new network of fast-chargers is expected to be installed by 2022.