Are the days of formal attire done for at B.C. offices?

New survey reveals B.C. workers eager to dress more casually

Photo credit: GettyImages-Chinnapong

Formal threads might just be dead at some B.C. offices, according to a new poll from co-working space provider IWG plc.

With pandemic restrictions potentially loosening next month to allow for fully reopened offices and workplaces, it appears West Coast colleagues may be sporting new looks upon their return.

The poll reveals most employed British Columbians (60%) believe it acceptable to dress more casually when they go back to the office.

And yes, B.C. workers feel a little bit looser about their sartorial choices than the rest of the country: 59% of Canadian workers plan to dress more casually.

This comes as 73% of B.C. respondents acknowledged donning sweats, T-shirts, tracksuits and other more comfortable clothing such as athletic wear during their typical workday at home during the pandemic.

The poll also revealed 40% of B.C. workers have been going “Zoom casual” during the course of the pandemic by dressing more formally on their top half and wearing more casually attire below the waist when they do video chats.

Meanwhile, 71% of Canadian respondents reported dressing in more comfortable clothing during the day and 39% acknowledged going “Zoom casual.”

Overall, 53% of Canadian workers plan to adopt a more “business casual” look when they head back to the office, which includes chinos and smart shirts.