Editorial: High cost, low return of political promises

Barnstorming federal politicians would have voters believe that promises will lead Canada to the Promised Land.

They have proved wrong on that count in the past, and they are wrong on it now.

The current payload of campaign 2021 promises being delivered daily from federal party leaders will more correctly lead the country into a deep valley of debt along a path of steadily lower standards of living driven by dwindling investment, declining productivity and mediocre innovation.

The election that no one, aside from Liberal opportunists, wanted or needed and no one, aside from politicians on the public payroll, can afford provides another example of electioneering’s dismal state in the 21st century.

Its fundamentals are simple: use promises, payouts and patronage to maximize the number of businesses and voters on the public payroll.

The rub here, however, is that there is no free money, even though political leaders would have voters think otherwise.

Deficit and debt concerns now appear to be considered indicators of some kind of 20th century mental disorder.

The Justin Trudeau Liberals, for example, have increased per-person spending to unprecedented levels and will continue to do so. They have no game plan to reduce that spending and will work to double the country’s debt if elected to another term.

But neither of the other two major party leaders has provided enough practicable details to right Canada’s debt and deficit ship or offered any clear directions to improve the country’s productivity, stimulate investment or accelerate innovation and technology in Canada.

They continue to deliver more promises of more spending and more simplistic solutions to complex issues.

Canada needs bold leadership, not transparent promises.

The road to any Promised Land worth its salt has to be driven by hard work, self-reliance and commitment to more than party politics.

The road to ruin requires none of the above. It relies on entitlement, selfishness and self-interest.

So do opportunistic politicians.