Bryan Adams backs non-dairy beverage startup

Vegan rock star puts his money where his mouth is by backing vegan-friendly beverage maker

Vancouver rock icon Bryan Adams is a founding investor in bettermood(d) non-dairy beverage maker. |Submitted

A few years ago, when Canadian rock icon Bryan Adams was performing in India, it was reported that his contract rider – quite spartan compared to many big rock acts – required little more than a quiet spot to do yoga and a “creative vegetarian menu.”

The Vancouver rock star is a long-time vegan, and is literally putting his money where his mouth is by backing a Vancouver startup that makes plant-based alternatives to dairy products.

Adams is a founding investor in bettermoo(d) – a Vancouver-based company that makes a gluten, lactose and dairy-free plant-based alternative to milk.

 “Fostering responsible eating habits, such as choosing plant-based dairy alternatives, is something that we can all do to help lessen animal cruelty and help our environment,” Adams says in a bettermoo(d) press release. “I’m excited to be invited to be a founding member of bettermoo(d) for those reasons.”

Bettermood(d) is not on the store shelves yet, but founder and CEO Nima Bahrami said he expects it to be sometime this winter.

“The first product will be the moo(d) drink, which is formulated based with oats,” Bahrami told BIV News. “But bettermood(d) isn’t going to be sticking to just oats in terms of our formulations.

“We’re also, in the background, formulating a plant-based butter, as well as a plant-based yogurt. And we’re also going to be developing further products as well, like ice cream, crème fraiche, sour cream. Pretty much what we’re trying to do is to create dairy alternative products for everything that’s dairy in the market.”