Celebrating a life of selflessness, dedication and giving

Jab Sidhoo’s impact on health care will span generations to come

Asha and Ravi, Jab Sidhoo’s children carry on his legacy. Photo via VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

Philanthropist, community pillar, diehard sports fan - Jab Sidhoo was the truest embodiment of the Canadian dream in every sense. 

Born in India in 1923 and having relocated to B.C. in 1929, Jab built his life from the ground up and accomplished the feats of many in one lifetime. And it was a lifetime filled with trailblazing firsts: Jab was one of the first Canadians of South Asian descent to serve in the Second World War and one of the 100 founding members of the BC Lions, providing funding to help push the team to their elite status today.

“He never missed a game,” says Asha, Jab’s daughter. “People would phone my mom and ask for invitations to come over and she would say, ‘I have to check if there’s a game on that day.’”

Rather than look inward, Sidhoo made a point to look out – for his family, his beloved football team, his longstanding Kitsilano business East India Carpets, and the community at large. 

Jab was also a loyal supporter of health care. In 1998, he became a donor to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. He also established the Ajaib (Jab) and Nirmal (Munni) Sidhoo Charities Fund, which provides funding to young researchers at Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital to study urology and diabetes. And when he passed away, Jab left a generous gift of securities to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation in his will.

“He would look at money like a pie, and he made sure there was always a piece left over for people who weren’t eating,” says Jab’s son, Ravi. “That was dad.”

Community leaders like Jab have left a timeless and indelible influence on health care.

A legacy gift in your will can be generous, powerful and simple. It allows you to leave a larger gift than may be possible during your lifetime, transforming care for your loved ones, your community and beyond. Your donation will empower critical research, equip our health-care teams with cutting-edge technology to transform care for all British Columbians.

Here’s how to do so: 

Gifts in your will

A charitable bequest is a gift specified in your will. It can be a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a percentage of your estate. Leaving a bequest in your will is the simplest way to make a legacy gift and it offers several benefits. Your income today is not affected so you can still ensure your loved ones are taken care of first. 

Gifts of securities

Gifts of securities to a registered charity are one of the most tax-effective ways to give. You can benefit from adonation tax credit and the elimination of the capital gains tax that you would pay if you sold the same shares and donated the proceeds. Your estate can also see these same benefits if you choose to leave a gift of securities in your will.

Most securities are held electronically and can be easily transferred from your brokerage account to a brokerage account held by VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. Upon request, this can be arranged by your financial advisor.

Whether you donate securities now, or in your will, you will have a vital impact on health care in B.C.  

When considering creating or changing a will, you should consult with a trusted professional advisor who can help guide you through your options. 

To learn more, visit vghfoundation.ca/legacy, contact Charlene Taylor via Charlene.Taylor@vghfoundation.ca or call 604-875-4917.