B.C.’s biggest technology companies getting bigger

ANALYSIS | Larger companies fared better than their smaller counterparts during the pandemic

British Columbia’s largest tech companies have continued to grow, increasing their B.C. employee base by an average of 15.6 per cent over the past year, according to Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 Tech Companies in B.C. list (https://biv.com/lists).

However, while average employment climbed at the province’s top tech companies over the past year, the median dropped 6.6 per cent, suggesting that larger companies higher on the list grew while smaller companies lower on the list contracted.

The fall in the median follows a year of slowed growth in 2021 and several years of growth prior to that. This suggests that smaller companies struggled to grow through the pandemic unlike some of the industry behemoths.

Tech employment 2022-2

Over the past five years, both average and median employment have grown. Average employment in 2022 increased to 498.3, up 34.9 per cent from 369.3 in 2018. The median employee base grew slightly less over the same period, rising 26.3 per cent to 170.5 in 2022 from 135 in 2018.

No. 34 Trulioo had the largest movement up the list over the past five years. The company jumped 53 spots from 87th place in 2018. The leap was the result of the 309.1 per cent surge in its number of employees, to 270 in 2022 from 66 in 2018. No. 100 Eventbase Technology Inc. dropped in rank from 57 in 2018 due to a 58.3 per cent decline in employment to 50 in 2022 from 120 in 2018. •