Matthew May

Q&A, Forty Under 40 Winner 2020; President, Coast 2000 Terminals Ltd., Age 39


Q&A with Matthew May, Forty Under 40 Winner 2020; President, Coast 2000 Terminals Ltd., Age 39

Who or what is responsible for your work ethic? 

My late grandfather taught me to work hard and never ask anyone to do a job you wouldn’t do. 

What is your guilty pleasure? 

A glass of red wine on the couch binge-watching a Netflix series. 

What is the best book you would recommend? 

A couple high on my list to recommend: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Steven Covey), Thinking Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman).  

 Now that you’re entering your 40s, what goals have you set for yourself? 

Continue to learn and grow as a business leader while driving growth throughout our group of market-leading logistics companies.

Choose one of these five childhood career dreams: Rock star, star athlete, prime minister, astronaut, detective.

Prime minister.

Name your happiest place. 

Tough choice… either on the golf course or the beach in Maui. 

What was your toughest business or professional decision? 

Resigning after 20 years from the family business I had a hand in building. 

Advice you would give your 20-year-old self? 

Make sure to find balance, trust your instincts and asking for help is not a weakness. 

What is your best habit? 

Getting an early start by getting to bed early. 

Best piece of advice ever received? 

Always make sure to put your own mask on first. If you and your business are not strong and reliable, then you will not be in a position to support those who count on you. 

What career highlight are you most proud of? 

The development and introduction of operational and policy reform to transform our company’s safety performance.