Pre-campaign period for B.C. municipal elections begins Monday

B.C. municipal elections are scheduled for October 15

The pre-campaign period for the 2022 municipal elections in B.C. begins on Monday, July 18 | Photo: krisanapong detraphiphat/Moment/Getty Images

B.C. residents who come across political ads for the upcoming municipal election can now check if they comply with election laws.

Elections BC says the "pre-campaign period" for the 2022 General Local Elections begins Monday, July 18 and runs until Sept. 16, 2022.

Election advertising rules come into effect at the start of the pre-campaign period and last until the election on October 15.

"Elector organizations, prospective candidates and third parties that sponsor election advertising during the pre-campaign or campaign period must include their name and contact information on all of their ads, in addition to other requirements. Third-party election advertisers must register with Elections BC," stated the independent government-sanctioned election regulator.

During the pre-campaign period, election advertising is defined as "any public communication that promotes or opposes, directly or indirectly, the election of a candidate or an elector organization endorsing a candidate." This includes sponsored social media posts.

During the campaign, election advertising also includes "communications that take a position on an issue associated with a candidate or elector organization," stated Elections BC.

A PDF list of third-party advertising sponsors is updated daily.