What are we reading? July 28, 2022

Photo: Baona, iStock, Getty Images Plus

Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Emma Crawford, online editor:

Think you haven’t had COVID-19? Maybe think again. According to this article, most people have had it, even if they have no idea. – The Wall Street Journal



Timothy Renshaw, managing editor:

International Monetary Fund insights into the social, financial and economic fallout from the steadily declining fertility rate in the world's high-income countries.



Japan, which needs all the energy sources it can get, and its Big Boy Turbine are aiming to tap what has been a largely unexploited renewable energy source anywhere in the world thus far. – Popular Mechanics



In case your mind has been harkening back to cooler temperatures in bygone eras during the current stretch of hot summer weather, here is an analysis of the conditions that triggered the last great Ice Age. – Brighter Side of News