The future of creative, collaborative work is coming soon to Vancouver’s West Side

Creative Space at the Woodlands - an opportunity to own strata office space at Oakridge Park, Vancouver’s new town centre and cultural hub

Oakridge Park. Photo provided by Team Michelle Yu.

In Vancouver and around the world, the future of work is changing. In response, Oakridge Park is reimagining the ways we work and the spaces we work within and with spaces where people can come together to create, innovate and collaborate.

Conceptualized, developed, and managed through a joint partnership between Westbank and QuadReal, the new community under construction at the geographical centre of Vancouver has all the makings of a new central business district and cultural hub, for not only the Westside, but the city as a whole.

“Oakridge Park is the future new town centre of Vancouver,” says RE/MAX Realtor Michelle Yu PREC. “That is why I am bringing our realtor team back to the business’s original location in Oakridge with a brand new office space at the Oakridge Park development.”

Having originally established her real estate business in the Oakridge Centre area in 1986 and growing her portfolio over the course of 20 years thereafter, Yu has been fascinated by the evolution of the Oakridge community and is excited to return to her roots, with the upcoming relocation of Team Michelle Yu’s office headquarters.

“The convenience of this location will allow my team to be more easily accessible to current and future clients,” shares Yu. “We consider ourselves lucky to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to own an AAA office at Oakridge Park.”

Pre-sales have started for Oakridge Park’s Creative Space at the Woodlands — a AAA strata office building with over 700,000 square feet of workspace. With panoramic views of downtown Vancouver and English Bay, interior architecture by Revery, and furnishings by B&B Italia, Creative Space will become the city’s most connected, collaborative, and desirable workspace in the city.

“There are very few AAA strata offices available for purchase on Vancouver’s Westside, and this offering is unique for its innovative design, considerations for health and wellness, and access to all of the conveniences of daily life,” says Yu. “I see many industry leading firms planning on locating in this community.”

Established primarily for the business sector and creative economy, and those in the medical and wellness professions, this space provides the ultimate flexibility, with possibilities for uses from digital agencies and law firms to general practitioners, co-working spaces and more. 

Oakridge Shopping Centre has been a West Side medical hub for decades. And building on this, Oakridge Park will be the base for an array of clinics and healthcare providers in all areas of health and wellness — such as pediatric care and dentistry — offering convenient access to medical facilities within walking distance and services from over 100 wellness providers. To further promote wellbeing, the community will also have an on-site fitness club, aquatic club, a 9-acre park with a 1km running loop, multiple indoor and outdoor recreation facilities and more. 

Creative Space will provide constant inspiration, opportunities to exchange ideas, and professional connections from the critical mass of talented professionals and entrepreneurs found within the business and creative hub.

With more frontage and natural light than typical strata offices, operable windows and sliding doors in most spaces, Creative Space will promote a different way of working within a work environment that is inspiring as well as sustainable.

The Creative Space at Oakridge Park includes medical grade air filtration systems, for fresh air throughout the workspace that removes an upwards of 99.5% of air particulates and pathogens. In addition, through a neighbourhood energy system operated by Creative Energy, a heat recovery system leveraging synergies between uses, a geoexchange field and low-carbon electric boilers, Oakridge Park will produce up to 70% less greenhouse gas emissions relative to a comparable project. Overall, these reductions are equivalent to planting 160,000 trees annually or taking 1,300 cars off the road.

Members of the Creative Space office community will have an elevated day-to-day office experience, from arrival to exit, through features such as a touchless entry and exit system and valet parking. When leaving work or taking a break, they’ll have convenient  access to world-class amenities throughout the project.

Anchored by over 20 restaurants, The Food Hall at Oakridge Park will feature rotating culinary talent from around the globe, providing a constant sense of discovery with new dishes and dining experiences representing the multiculturalism of Vancouver, one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  

Spanning a 28 acre site, nearly a third of Oakridge Park will consist of parkland, creating a community truly surrounded by and integrated with nature. The landscape of trees and greenery will provide natural filtration, improving air quality, reducing carbon dioxide, and contributing to the long-term health of community members. Within the park grounds, six distinct parks will be connected by a system of trails, including a 1km running and walking track designed by UBC.

Creative Space will also be a part of Vancouver’s largest public art program, with multiple large scale installations planned throughout Oakridge Park, adjacent Vancouver’s second largest library, multiple indoor and outdoor venues for live entertainment, and a 100,000 square foot community centre. 

Oakridge Park is just a 15 minute drive away from downtown Vancouver and Vancouver International Airport. Directly on the Canada Line with access to the Oakridge 41st Ave Station, Creative Space at the Woodlands will be easily transit accessible to commuters from all reaches of Metro Vancouver.

With an upwards of 42 million visitors expected a year, Oakridge Park is set to become not only a new cultural hub for Vancouver, but a global destination, reflecting all the qualities that have helped make Vancouver one of the most liveable cities in the world.