Limited offer: Elite marketing plan helps SMBs eliminate Web3 and NFT barriers

This first-of-its-kind business plan is being offered to 20 Metro Vancouver businesses—first come first serve

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Lighthouse has reimagined how businesses connect to and engage with their customers by enabling anyone, anywhere, to utilize NFTs in their marketing tool kit.  

By eliminating the need for cryptocurrency and by simplifying the process, Lighthouse allows businesses to create, mint, and deploy NFTs at scale  — all in a matter of minutes, straight from their smartphones. 

“We’re making it easy for both businesses and customers to join the world of NFTs,” says Rio Kondo, co-founder of Lighthouse. “Until now, cryptocurrency has been a requirement to purchase or create NFTs, but with Lighthouse, you simply have to scan the QR code and download the Lighthouse app. We’re on a mission to help the uninitiated navigate the uncharted waters of NFTs and Web3.”

The future of marketing

NFTs give marketers an all-new way to reach Gen Z and Millennial customers, while seamlessly linking web3 to tangible products. By offering NFTs in tandem with a physical product, businesses can not only create an initial marketing incentive, but also add a powerful new dimension to the customer experience — from unlocking exclusive experiences and building communities to enabling access to gated content and acting as tickets to virtual and in-person venues.

Powerful features at your fingertips

The Lighthouse experience starts with the purchase of a package of NFTs: a roll of custom QR-coded stickers and a Lighthouse Activation Card, that is shipped to the business. The businesses can then mint their NFTs by uploading a collectible image or video via the Lighthouse app and scanning their activation card. From everyday items to big-ticket purchases, the Lighthouse stickers can be applied to any product, and the number of NFTs a business can mint and issue is virtually unlimited.

Lighthouse founders Miguel Ozeki and Rio Kondo take the versatility of NFTs even further with powerful new marketing and engagement features built right into their app.

The app features a dashboard that allows businesses to issue NFTs, message NFT holders, collect data points and view royalties. For customers, it’s just as seamless — by simply scanning the QR code sticker, their NFT is automatically activated and populated into their Lighthouse wallet. They are free to showcase, trade, and share their NFTs however they wish — NFTs created with Lighthouse are compatible with the biggest NFT platforms and metaverses in the world.

Lighthouse is giving 2,000 free NFTs to Canadian businesses

In celebration of launch, Lighthouse is giving away 20 NFT packages  to Canadian businesses. Each package will include 100 stickers and a Lighthouse Activation Card for business to get a jump on the next generation of marketing.  To request a package simply enter your business contact details, website, and social handles in the contact form. The application is open until Sept 23, 2022 and packages will begin to ship immediately.