REW to create service that allows renters to search listings

The real estate platform is now catering to Vancouver’s large rental market with a service for both landlords and renters

Landlords will be able to connect to REW’s large pool of homeseekers in addition to posting free listings | Photo: ranplett/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Picture this: you’re a renter in Vancouver and your lease is up in a couple months. The stress of finding a new place is starting to set in and your days are spent scrolling on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to find a dependable lease. 

Real Estate Works (REW) is announcing a new rental product on their website that allows landlords to create rental listings and connect with REW’s large audience of renters free of charge, according to their website. 

In a recent Statistics Canada report released Sept. 21, results show that the number of renters in B.C. (27.5 per cent) has grown almost three times more than the number of homeowners (10.4 per cent).

“At REW we believe that searching for and securing a home is one of life’s greatest adventures,” said Simon Bray, president of REW, in a media release. 

“We know that providing access to more data, information, and inventory is key to helping people build confidence as they start their home search with REW, and our new rental listing service does just that. With more rentals to choose from, REW is giving homeseekers more opportunities to take the next step on their real estate journey.”

This new product will give renters the option to browse potential homes without the fear of rental scams that can plague websites like Craigslist. In addition, rentals will be consolidated into one place on the website allowing for easy viewing of units available. 

For landlords, the ability to tap into REW’s existing market of over 2 million monthly homeseekers will offer a new pool of potential tenants. When creating a listing, there is no set or listing fee, making the process more streamlined.

The goal of the project is to create a one-stop shop for prospective buyers to browse listings whether they be rental, resale, or new builds.   

“We’re building tools to help Canadians navigate their real estate adventure,” said Bray. 

“REW is here to guide you on your journey home, and products like this are a good example of how we’re tackling that challenge.” 

REW is owned by Glacier Media, the parent company of BIV.