What are we reading? September 8, 2022

Photo: Nora Carol Photography, Moment, Getty Images

Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Timothy Renshaw, managing editor:

Catch of the day: led by Japan, China, South Korea and the United States, the global industrial fishing industry, which continues to pillage the world's invaluable resource of fish and other marine life, is also a leading contributor to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. – Popular Science



In brighter news from the high seas, the world's much-abused oceans could provide humanity with a massive source of clean renewable energy if this new wave-driven technology yields what its proponents claim it can. – New Atlas



Nelson Bennett, reporter:

Canada is not yet at the point Holland is with its mandates to reduce nitrogen emissions from farming, which has triggered an all-out revolt by farmers. The Trudeau government is still in the consultation stage of proposed mandates to reduce nitrogen fertilizer emissions by 30%. But the president of the Canadian Wheat Growers is already ringing alarm bells over any nitrogen emissions reduction mandate. The result of such a mandate will be simple, he said: “We will grow less food,” food prices will rise, and countries like India and China will be the beneficiaries of agricultural production leakage. – The National Post