B.C. food bank sues donation platform operator for $143,000

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society contracted with Pinc Productions Inc. to create an online donations platform but $169,912 allegedly went missing.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank serves the needy with multiple perishable and non-perishable foods. | Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Vancouver’s food bank society is suing the operator of an online fundraising platform for $143,000 after she allegedly failed to meet conditions of an earlier court agreement.

In a notice of civil claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court Oct. 25, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society (GVFBS) said the situation dates back to 2010 when the food bank — a charity reliant on donations to provide food for the needy — contracted Pinc Productions Inc. to create an online donations platform and to process those donations.

Beverly Claire Pomeroy is named as the defendant in the case.

According to the claim, the net donations were supposed to be deposited into the food bank’s bank account each month after deducting Pinc’s fees.

In 2011, the claim said, Global Currents Enterprises Inc. assumed Pinc’s obligations under the contract.

“Pomeroy was the directing mind, sole director, officer and shareholder of both Global and Pinc,” the claim said, adding both companies were late in accounting for and remitting donations each month.

The claim alleges the companies conspired and converted funds for their own use.

As of Sept. 7, 2012, the food bank was due $169,912, the claim said.

It alleges Pomeroy received directly or indirectly some or all of the missing funds.

While the GVFBS sought damages for the missing funds, Pomeroy assigned herself into bankruptcy in January 2013, said the claim.

However, in 2014, they entered into a settlement agreement in which Pomeroy was to pay $90,000, plus the interest accrued post-judgment, until the amount was paid in full.

The settlement agreement said Pomeroy would pay $250 a month and provide a declaration of assets and liabilities each Nov. 1.

The GVFBS said it has not received a declaration in two years.

To date, Pomeroy has paid $27,000 of the $86,807 she owes, according to the claim.

GVFBS's claim said the organization now wants the missing funds minus payments made.

It also seeks damages for the alleged receipt of those missing funds.

Pomeroy could not be reached for comment.