DVBIA CEO Nolan Marshall III leaves job and city

Marshall arrived in Vancouver in mid-2021 to replace retiring CEO Charles Gauthier

Former DVBIA CEO Nolan Marshall standing on Granville Street soon after arriving in Vancouver | Chung Chow

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) has parted ways with former CEO Nolan Marshall, who is leaving Vancouver to become executive director of the South Park Business Improvement District in Los Angeles. 

"If I’d been told I’d only get to spend 18 months working in this incredible place, I’m not sure I’d choose any differently," he wrote on Twitter. "Not sure if we could have accomplished more as a team, I only wish I would have unpacked less stuff. On to the next great city and challenge."

Marshall at first did not reveal his reason for leaving or where he would be going. 

He texted BIV to say that it would be "incorrect" to say that leaving is not his preference.

"It was only a recognition that it was a shorter tenure than anyone may have expected," Marshall texted, referring to his tweets. "I'm excited about my next opportunity."

He then posted on LinkedIn that he planned to move to Los Angeles.

Marshall in a tweet thanked the DVBIA for "sharing your time with me and letting me do work that I love alongside great colleagues in this cool city."

No press release was on the DVBIA website. 

BIV contacted the DVBIA and was sent a statement that said that "the board of directors has announced that Nolan Marshall III has left the organization." 

The DVBIA's vice-president and COO Jane Talbot has been appointed interim CEO while the board of directors begins its search for a permanent replacement, according to the DVBIA's statement. 

"Programming and operations will continue as usual," the statement said. "The association has a strong foundation and passionate team that remains focused on supporting its members and making Downtown Vancouver welcoming, safe, and clean for all."

Marshall arrived in Vancouver from New Orleans to start at the DVBIA on June 1, 2021. He worked alongside longtime CEO Charles Gauthier for one month, until Gauthier retired, and he then assumed the organization's top job. 

Before coming to Vancouver, Marshall was at the New Orleans Business Alliance for a little more than three years, starting as the vice-president of external affairs and policy, and moving up to be the chief engagement and solutions officer in March, 2020.

(This article has been updated to say where Marshall is going.)