What are we reading? November 3, 2022

Photo: Nora Carol Photography, Moment, Getty Images

Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Timothy Renshaw, managing editor:

News flash: Optimism on the climate change front driven primarily by renewable energy price drops and a global political mobilization to shift away from fossil fuels – New York Times Magazine



Leave it to the Scots to embrace the benefits of rewilding. Their country could be on track to become the world's first genuinely rewilded nation. Considering that Scotland was down to having a mere five per cent of its land mass forested at the turn of the 20th century, a movement to return the other 95 per cent to the country's once rich and diverse flora and fauna should be applauded and promoted - National Geographic



If you enjoyed The Shipping News, you might want to consider digesting Annie Proulx's detour into non-fiction (Fen, Bog and Swamp). It's her contribution to the climate action cause and the critical value of the world's rapidly disappearing wetlands – Vogue



Glen Korstrom, reporter:

The U.K. now having its youngest prime minister in modern times made me look into its youngest-ever PM: William Pitt, the Younger.

I expected that the youngest-ever U.K. PM might have been just a quirk of history and a short tenure. Instead, I learned that Pitt spent two separate terms as PM: one for 18 years and the other for two years, up until his death in 1806, at the age of 46. This detailed article gives good context to his life and the issues he dealt with as PM. – Encyclopedia Brittanica



Those who like journalism news might find this story interesting. A reporter who broke a story about vandalism then had police accuse him of committing the crime. It “beggars belief,” according to a journalism professor. – Toronto Star