One of Metro Vancouver’s leading environmental consultancy firm has expanded across B.C.

Next Environmental leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of the pinnacle in environmental services

Next has built strong relationships with subcontractors across the province. Photo via: iStock.

Excellence, expansion and evolution.

Where some companies are content to rest on laurels, Next Environmental is always looking forward with an unyielding commitment to tomorrow and the next day.

As one of Metro Vancouver’s leading environmental consultants for nearly three decades, Next is proud to have expanded operations further afield across British Columbia: Victoria, Kelowna, Prince George, Nanaimo and Courtenay.

“Our geographic expansion has been critical to Next’s continued growth and success. By expanding the team and service areas which we operate in, we’ve been able to match the industry’s frenetic pace, while upholding our commitment to quality work and client satisfaction,” says Shane Rigter, Senior Business Development Manager at Next.

Next has built strong relationships with subcontractors across the province, allowing the firm to meet deadlines and fulfill business needs.

Next covers a diverse range of environmental services, including site investigations, remediation, risk assessment, monitoring, peer reviews and, most recently, biological services, helping clients assess properties to determine development feasibility.

This is an accomplished team with knowledge and expertise across most sectors: permitting; real estate and development; industrial; government; transportation and logistics; brownfield and legal issues, to name a few.

Through rock-solid partnerships with clients – no matter the size – Next establishes a relationship that meets their business and budgetary requirements. Contamination and/or remediation work does not need to be a deal killer. Simply put, when working with the right team, contaminated sites can present a real opportunity in some cases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the hand of many businesses into areas of change they may not have been comfortable with, while Next chose to flip the script and use this period of change as an opportunity. A hybrid business model was developed, allowing the company to better serve their customers with the use of technology that furthered Next’s commitment to fast, dependable service.

Next’s proven track-record of working closely with developers, lenders, realtors and government to facilitate transactions and developments makes them an industry leader. Examples of major clean-ups include the dramatic transformation of the long-vacant former Fullerton Lumber lands into the North Shore Auto Mall at Harbourside Business Park. This site was considered “technologically impossible” to remediate, prior to bringing some common sense and technological savvy to bear on the environmental hurdles which stopped ‘greening’ in its tracks for several decades.

Collaboration with multiple stakeholders was at the forefront when Next lead the environmental work and contaminated soil handling in conjunction with the development of the Red Fish Healing Centre on the Riverview Lands. By partnering up with First Nations and archeologists, Next was able to provide investigation and remediation services that respected the historical significance of this area of Coquitlam.

Next is committed to efficiency and efficacy, working diligently with subcontractors to ensure they meet clients' needs and hiring more people when necessary to ensure deadlines are always met.

In this context, Next places a particular emphasis on maintaining vital relationships with other subcontractors to keep projects in order and on track. Adapting, growing and improving technology as needed is yet another ace in the hole.

Extensive paperwork or reports, dealing with slow-moving bureaucratic bodies and rigid regulatory frameworks can all be a death knell for some projects. Next jobs, however, get done through reliable, expert-backed reports within a communicated timeframe to ensure that all parties involved have the necessary knowledge required to achieve their goals.

While timelines can become fluid for a multitude of reasons, Next clients can expect that the team will do its best to deliver optimal turnaround times while providing top-quality work. Backed by 28 years of experience, Next approaches each client project with integrity, expertise, and innovative problem-solving, equipping them with the tools to ensure productivity and pivot strategies when necessary. 

The bottom line is this: where many may see sites as non-starters, Next views these as an opportunity to revitalize and rejuvenate underserved areas, providing avenues for growth and expansion while serving the benefit of all parties involved.

Often, this may require outside-the-box thinking, innovative solutions and a diamond-in-the-rough mindset,  but this is where Next shines brightest. On top of its technical skills and expertise, Next prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering individualized solutions, competitive quotes and industry-leading turnaround times that set it apart. 

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