'A hilarious 5% off': Vancouverites react to Nordstrom liquidation 'sale'

Will the prices come down over time?

Residents of Vancouver, B.C. react to Nordstrom's disappointing liquidation sale "sale." | @kikiday/@monicag0321/Twitter

The news that luxury retailer Nordstrom was leaving Canada was disappointing for many Vancouverites but the sting was tempered by the expectation that shoppers could nab some sweet deals in the liquidation sale.

The "sale" officially kicked off today following approval from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice but people were disappointed to walk into the store and find that items were only marked five per cent off with exclusions. People were particularly frustrated because they were expecting at least 10 per cent off.

Some individuals have questioned if perhaps the sale prices will continue to drop over time as it's only the first day. But for now, the "sale" doesn't even cover the sales tax.

"We can confirm that most merchandise is 5 per cent off with the exception of select categories and products. We do not have details about any further discount at this time," a representative for Nordstrom tells V.I.A. in an email.

Surprisingly, people aren't too angry. Most are taking the news in stride and laughing at it.

One Vancouverite writes, "Nordstrom offering 5 per cent discount - is funnier than it actually sounds." While another one asks who expected anything better.