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BIV Podcast

Why Canada’s trade problems are deeper than China (BIV Today No. 268)

June 11, 2019, 11:02am

On BIV Today…

Canada’s trade problems go much deeper than challenges with China, says Carlo Dade (1:15), director of the Canada West Foundation’s trade and investment centre.

Canada and Canadian businesses will need to adapt to a world where 2 a.m. tweets communicate changes to trade policies, he adds. Dade argues Canada’s trade challenges need to be viewed comprehensively, and governments and businesses alike need to reframe the global picture. 

It isn’t all negative. Dade explores areas of opportunity for businesses and for the B.C. government.

BIV’s weekly tech panel tackles a G20 plan to tax big tech, Tableau’s US$15.7 billion acquisition by Salesforce and Amazon’s credit card for the under-banked. 

Progressa CEO Ali Pourdad and Gluu Technology Society CEO Linda Fawcus (19:34) also weigh in on new smart glasses that can autonomously scan 15 faces per frame in under a second. Both express concern about how the technology could be used; both see a role for government to play in regulating the public use of facial recognition technology.

Hayley Woodin hosts.