BIV Today Podcast
BIV Today Podcast

B.C. ride-hailing hurdles keep piling up (BIV Today No. 367)

November 5, 2019, 11:20am

On BIV Today...

Tantalus Labs CEO Dan Sutton (2:04) joins the show to discuss the high attrition rate of cannabis CEOs in Canada this year, as well as the exploding market for seniors and whether there’s truth to a cannabis industry group’s claim that there is no longer a product shortage.

BIV’s weekly technology panel (12:15) featuring Gluu Technology Society’s Linda Fawcus and Electron Communications’ Matthew Klippenstein dig into the latest industry news, including the bumpy road ahead for ride-hailing in B.C., Uber’s efforts to launch financial services, Google’s acquisition of Fitbit and more.

Tyler Orton hosts.