BIV on Roundhouse Radio

BIV on Roundhouse November 2: Does HBC have a future in Vancouver?

November 2, 2017, 11:15am

On the latest show, Retailer Insider’s Craig Patterson discusses HBC’s plans to sell its flagship store in Vancouver, Roots’ underwhelming IPO and accusations Sears Canada is inflating prices during its liquidation sale.

Then, Tantalus Labs’ Dan Sutton discusses the corporatization of the cannabis industry in wake of news the owner of Corona beer is taking a 10 per cent stake in Canada’s Canopy Growth.

Later, BIV reporter Patrick Blennerhassett discusses what Japan’s low birth rate might signal about the future of demographics in Canada.

And Spencer Sheinin from the Entrepreneur’s Organization and’s Naitik Mehta discuss EO’s Global Student Entrepreneur awards, as Mehta prepares to face off against two other local, young entrepreneurs next week.

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