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BIV on Roundhouse October 11: When marketing misses the mark — dealing with the Dove backlash

October 11, 2017, 11:32am

On the latest show, BIV’s weekly tech panel delves into the latest industry news, including the demise of AOL Instant Messenger, Shopify’s plunging share prices and AI babysitters.

Then, Goatsocial founder Terence Sawtell delves into the backlash facing soap brand Dove after an advertisement went viral over the weekend over accusations of racism.

Later, Canada is upping its game in terms of competitiveness, according to new rankings from the World Economic Forum. BIV reporter Patrick Blennerhassett explains how Canada stacks up against other countries on the global competitiveness index.

And Resource Works’ Stewart Muir discusses the potential impacts on the energy sector from TransCanada Corp cancelling the Energy East pipeline.

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