Nelson Bennett

Court ruling could impact sport fishery

BC Supreme Court orders DFO to give First Nations priority over sport fishery

Obstacles on roadway ahead for B.C.’s robust economy: forecast

Province still leading the pack in a Canadian economy that is enjoying strong job creation but faces looming trade uncertainty

Adding up the cost of pulling the plug on Trans Mountain pipeline

Loss to port from tanker traffic expenditures alone calculated at $127 million annually: conference board

Alberta introduces bill to restrict oil, gas exports

If B.C doesn’t want Alberta’s oil, Alberta can now accommodate it

Updated: Trans Mountain will be built, Trudeau says

Horgan remains unmoved, but Trudeau says Ottawa will provide financial, legislative assurances

Seaspan Shipyards moves into new office building

New building just latest sign of shipyard’s growth under federal shipbuilding contract

Chambers to Trudeau: fix Canada’s confidence crisis

B.C.’s stance on Trans Mountain threatens investment, trade, climate change plans, business leaders say

Pacific salmon ‘more abundant than ever’, new study claims

Canada-Washington state research suggests hatcheries are bolstering pink salmon populations at the expense of chinook, coho

Alberta premier wants stake in Trans Mountain pipeline

Alberta preparing to put the screws to B.C. with new economic sanctions

Canadians are polarized on carbon taxes

Canadians confused, cynical over carbon pricing, new poll suggests