Nelson Bennett

Additional campsites being added in BC this summer

BC government announces 185 new campsites and $83 million in park funding

Moving Canada’s blue economy out of the shallows

Canada needs to get its Aquaculture Act together if it wants to tap its ocean potential, industry says

Siska FN awarded $4.7 million for railway infringement

Ruling may set precedent for compensationg First Nations for loss of fishing

Mackenzie pulp mill will close permanently

Paper Excellence closing pulp mill due to lack of fibre

Pacheedaht tells logging activists to back off agrees to stand down request from Pacheedaht First Nation

North American lumber prices go through the roof

Construction report: Sky-high costs for softwood erode profits for some B.C. homebuilders

2021 Budget certainties: debt and taxes

Federal, provincial governments challenged with managing massive deficits and keeping Canada competitive

COVID-19 claims 18 lives since Friday

More than 3,000 new infections since Friday in 'third wave'

Vaccine queue opens to 55 and up

Anyone born in 1966 or earlier eligible for provincial COVID-19 vaccine

Seafood wholesaler, boat master fined for obstruction

Obstruction of DFO inspection included co-owner eating a receipt, says DFO