Nelson Bennett

Trudeau talks trade, pipelines and carbon taxes

Canada will have tariff-free access to roughly two-thirds of the global economy, thanks to three free trade deals

Sea lice becoming resistant to pesticide

Living Oceans report says DFO and fish farm industry knew sea lice have become resistant to SLICE

New LNG plant in Washington must use B.C. gas

Environmental agency says B.C. gas has five to eight times lower emissions profile than American gas

Uptick in Vancouver-to-Asia oil shipments hint at new market potential for Canada

More than $44 million of Alberta crude shipped to China as of August: StatCan

Two offtake contracts already signed for LNG Canada

Two Japanese buyers have agreed to buy Canadian gas: LNG Canada CEO

Poor Q3 earnings take toll on mining shares

Lower metal prices blamed for third quarter decline in earnings

Electricity can defuse LNG’s ‘carbon bomb,’ study says

Shell’s Groundbirch demonstrates how gas producers can shrink carbon footprints

LNG Canada is unlikely to spark a fracking frenzy

Companies already produce enough natural gas to provide half of LNG Canada’s needs

All Canadians to pay carbon taxes next year

Saskatchewan will pay lower carbon taxes, get back more rebates than B.C. Canadians who live in provinces that don’t have carbon pricing will begin paying a carbon tax on gasoline, diesel and...

New restrictions could derail oil-by-rail shipments

More than 21,000 oil cars set to be made obsolete in November