Invest in BC 2018

Invest in B.C. 2018

Welcome to the official publication of the British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA). Invest in BC is designed to give you a brief overview of British Columbia and to encourage you to invest in our diverse province. The magazine strives to provide valuable information on the eight economic regions of British Columbia, as well as timely trends in our ever-changing economy. I hope that you find this information of value to you, and take the time to consider what an investment in British Columbia could do for you, or your business.

Over the past year, I have been fortunate to travel to different areas of the province. It makes me proud to have had the opportunity to experience the great work being done by local and First Nation governments throughout B.C. When you take the time to really discover all of what British Columbia has to offer, you will be amazed and convinced that as a province we really are a strong and diverse economy and one that offers unparalleled opportunity.

BCEDA has grown to over 500 members who are working together to grow local economies. Our members represent a range of communities, First Nations, businesses, chambers of commerce, Crown corporations, tourism groups, financial institutions, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions. Their agenda is to create valuable partnerships and build prosperity for all those involved.

BCEDA is the leading provincial association of economic development practitioners in the province of B.C. BCEDA provides services that help member communities grow and expand new and existing businesses, attract new business investments and work towards strategic infrastructure investment, land-use planning and community enhancement.

In 2017, BCEDA worked very hard to assist communities impacted by wildfires. In fact, BCEDA was the very first non-government association to activate a disaster recovery program to assist businesses and communities. We could not have done what we did without the significant support offered by FortisBC and Pacific Coastal Airlines. These two, in addition to the numerous other sponsors during 2017, helped us support those in need.

Please feel free to contact me, my staff or any of our members to discuss anything about economic development in British Columbia.

- Dale Wheeldon, president and CEO, British Columbia Economic Development Association