Women in Business Spring 2018


Welcome to the latest issue of Women in Business magazine. We tackle two important themes in this edition – leadership and work-life balance. Both are elusive goals for many women. The career women we feature throughout these pages offer their advice and experience on how to achieve one or both – whether it’s for a short period of time or a lifetime.

Let’s start at the top, with leadership. This issue celebrates the winners of Business in Vancouver’s 2018 Influential Women in Business Awards. We profile the six recipients; women who have risen through the ranks in their careers, overcoming numerous challenges while positively influencing people and policy along the way.

We also have an engaging column from Nancy MacKay, founder and CEO of MacKay CEO Forums, about the skills leaders need to thrive in today’s exponential- change world. Monica Murray, an advisor and self described “gender equality champion,” writes about why some women suffer from so-called “impostor syndrome” and offers advice on how to overcome it. Writer Michelle Hopkins profiles some millennial leaders in Metro Vancouver, writing about how they’re running their shops differently than perhaps previous generations did.

With work-life balance, writer Paula Arab interviews women reimagining how to tip the scales in ways that many find more fulfilling. Writer Dene Moore looks at why so many women are stepping back or opting out of their careers due to a lack of work-life balance – and the cost for society. Michelle Hopkins also writes about women whose work-life balance includes caregiving responsibilities, and their advice to make it work. Finally, workplace consultant Julia Ko offers tips for employers and employees on how to make work-life balance really work.

Also in this issue, writer Caitlin O’Flanagan profiles three female-run organizations in the Lower Mainland helping to support women in the workplace. Finally, Karen Dosanjh, innovation director, global brand, at GE Digital, looks at the #MeToo movement, the brave women stepping up to speak out about sexual misconduct, and how the workplace is poised to change – forever. Time’s up.

We hope you enjoy this latest edition of Women in Business. As always, we are open to hearing your ideas for future issues.

- Brenda Bouw, editor, Women in Business