Glentel to sell cellular products in Costco stores across Canada

Burnaby-based wireless telecommunications retailer Glentel (TSX:GLN) has signed a multi-year licence agreement with Costco Wholesale Canada to set up cellphone kiosks at all its stores.

Roughly 60 Wireless etc.-branded kiosks will be operating in Costco warehouse stores by year's end. The remaining Costco stores will have kiosks installed by the third quarter of 2008. Currently 23 Costco stores have Wireless etc. kiosks.

The kiosks will sell various cellphones, wireless devices, accessories and peripherals activated through Canadian cellular carriers available through Glentel.

Glentel operates 197 corporate retail and business locations in Canada doing business as WirelessWave, Tbooth/La Cabine T, Wireless etc. and Glentel Wireless.