Aspect Biosystems lands $1m to boost 3D-printed human tissue commercialization

Repayable funding comes from Genome BC

Aspect Biosystems uses 3D bioprinters to create living tissue | Photo: Tyler Orton

B.C. biotech firm Aspect Biosystems has grafted $1 million upon its coffers as it ramps up efforts to commercialize its 3D-printed human tissue technology.

The University of B.C. spinoff specializes in developing complex tissues better suited for drug testing than cells in a Petri dish.

Aspect has created a 3D bioprinting platform known as Lab-on-a-Printer, which enables the rapid creation of functional living tissues.

The $1 million in repayable funding announced on May 7 comes from Genome BC’s Industry Innovation program, which assists B.C. companies during the early stages of commercialization.

“With this additional financing, we are further increasing our capacity to meet key commercial demands and continuing our rapid growth as we work towards enabling the creation of human tissues on demand,” Aspect president and CEO Tamer Mohamed said in a statement.

Aspect’s former CEO, Konrad Walus, told BIV in 2014 the company’s ultimate “moon shot” is to print even more complex structures such as organs.