Sharc founder nominated for Manning award

Lynn Mueller nominated for innovation in heat recovery

Lynn Mueller developed a system that he says improves energy efficiency in buildings by up to 400%. | Chung Chow Photo

Lynn Mueller, founder and president of SHARC Energy Systems Inc. (CSE:SHRC) has been nominated for a Manning Innovation Award.

The B.C. innovator has a long history in the heat exchange field. A previous company of his installed ground-source heat systems.

But it is the Sharc energy system that he developed that has earned him a nomination for an Ernest C. Manning award for innovation.

“It’s a culmination of a life time of work and it’s a really nice validation,” Mueller said of the nomination.

As detailed in a recent Business in Vancouver story on Mueller, the Sharc system that Mueller developed essentially recycles heat from wastewater in buildings.

Every time someone flushes a toilet or drains a dishwasher or has a shower, heat goes down the drain and into the sewer system.

Mueller’s Sharc systems takes that waste water, temporarily recirculates it, while heat exchangers remove heat, and then sends the water back on its way into the sewer system, while retaining heat energy that is then used to heat the building.

The system doesn’t generate heat energy so much as it prevents large amounts of energy from being wasted. The system has been installed in a number of residential buildings in B.C. and even a beer brewery.

Mueller’s company now has three variations on the Sharc system. The Sharc system itself is used for large district energy systems. The Piranha system is used for residential buildings, such as apartment towers, and the Mako – a smaller system designed for single family homes.

Mueller is now selling the systems outside of Canada and has subsidiary in Scotland.