Langara College celebrates most influential and impactful members in its community with 49 Langarans

Vancouver's Langara College prides itself on the students and employees that have passed through the campus over the last 49 years. Their contributions have made an immense difference in the community and continue to grow beyond the 49th Avenue campus. The community of Langarans has helped propel the college into the future and mould it into its current academic excellence.

On November 6, 2019, 49 exceptional people were honoured with 49 Langarans Awards. The special anniversary celebration also recognized previous Outstanding Alumni Award recipients, emeriti, politicians and community partners who have made the greatest impact on the community and Langara from 1970-2019.

“Langarans are making important contributions to our community in so many different ways," says Lisa Fisher, Langara vice-president external development. "They are nurses, social workers, business leaders, community advocates, childcare workers, journalists, dedicated faculty members, actors, entrepreneurs, scientists and more. The 49 Langarans Awards celebrate 49 remarkable people who have had a major impact on our community or institution. We are so proud to have played a part in helping them get to where they are today.”

Outstanding Langara alumni make a huge impact on the community

Jessie-award winning director Jane Heyman, a member of the 49 Langarans selection committee, was a full-time member of the Theatre Arts faculty for two decades and became the department's first Associate Director. After retirement, she still actively contributes immensely to the college and has significantly influenced the greater arts and culture community locally and nationally. Heyman was instrumental in establishing Langara's Studio 58, one of the best theatre training schools in Canada. She has been recognized and honoured by numerous awards across Canada for her achievements, humanity and integrity, including the YWCA Woman of Distinction award for Arts and Culture.

Heyman is part of the Langara College Foundation's incredible team of ambassadors committed to supporting the Beyond 49 Campaign to expand student success and Langara's vision to be a pathway college.

The team works together to help raise funds for future generations of Langarans by supporting bursaries and scholarships, expanding student services and campus facilities that go Beyond the 49th Avenue classroom experience.


“If we had the option, I think we could have selected 149 Langarans! I always knew that Langara was a special place that attracted passionate people, dedicated to teaching and learning," Heyman says.  "This was brought home to me many times over as I read the heartfelt nominations of past and present students, graduates, faculty, staff and administration. The depth and breadth of experience, innovation, service and commitment both to Langara and the broader community was overwhelming. I was always very proud to be part of the Langara family — the experience of sitting on the selection committee made me feel even more so.”

Charlene Taylor, the first aboriginal woman to hold the title of director at the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, was one of Langara's outstanding award winners in 2018. Taylor graduated from the Arts & Science program in 1979. For Taylor, Langara was an important stepping-stone into post-secondary education.

She went on to become the first aboriginal woman in Canada to earn the Chartered Accountants designation and then went on to earn the prestigious Fellow Chartered Accountant designation. Through her work, experience and knowledge of the First Nations culture, she has contributed immensely to the community in areas of child and family services and education. Taylor continues to honour her traditions and culture by participating in potlatches, storytelling and culture sharing.


"Langara is much more than a college, it is a family," Taylor explains. "Langara provides a sense of belonging and provides valuable experience and learning opportunities to students and alumni alike. Langara has forged meaningful partnerships both with First Nations and the community at large."


Langara provides opportunities for a lifetime of success

For decades, the campus has helped pave the road to success for students. Each year, more than 22,000 students embark on a journey of learning by taking advantage of the diverse selection of 130 programs and more than 1,900 courses providing high-quality, post-secondary education. These academic offerings provide some of the best available for a life-long learning experience for all ages and backgrounds.


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