B.C. legal cannabis sales reach record high in August, more than triple that of last year

Province notches eighth straight month of record-high sales for legal weed

The first retail cannabis store to open in B.C. was a government-run store in Kamloops | Bob Kronbauer

Statistics Canada data shows that the legal cannabis sector in B.C. is putting down roots, as consumers spent a record high of more than $36.5 million on that industry’s products in the month of August.

This is the eighth straight month of record sales for legal cannabis, and it is more than three times the more than $12 million that consumers spent on cannabis products in 2019, according to data released October 21.

Fueling the increased sales are factors such as:
•more legal stores;
•fewer black-market stores;
•newly legal product categories, such as edibles; and
•improved product quality.

Cannabis sales Canada-wide were also at an all-time high, of nearly $244.9 million in August – the fourth straight month of record-high sales.

Ontario led the way among provinces in legal cannabis sales in August, with more than $66.9 million, followed by Alberta, with nearly $52.6 million, and Quebec with more than $44.6 million.

Sales in B.C. could be expected to rise, thanks to a continued roll-out of more stores.

The province on August 21 said it had issued 264 licences granted for retail cannabis stores. That number, on October 22, has risen to 280. Government staff are processing another 176 licence applications.

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