These values-based MBA programs fit around your schedule

Dr. Chen Liu and a student. Photo by TWU Marketing Department.

Trinity Western University (TWU)  is excited to welcome the first cohort of its new Executive MBA (EMBA) program in September of 2021.

Designed to empower managers, entrepreneurs and leaders to sharpen their skills and excel in their executive role, TWU’s EMBA program is for people seeking to advance their career, to prepare for a successful career change, or to scale their business ventures.

“This new Executive MBA really came out of the growing need of professionals who want to thrive together and discuss business issues at the executive level,” director of MBA programs Dr. Chen Liu says.

“We’re helping professionals to build an effective network of like-minded peers.”

Thanks to small cohort sizes, TWU graduates build relationships with alumni and faculty that last a lifetime.

“Our small classes build better connections with students,” Chen says.

TWU’s MBA programs emphasize creativity, innovation, forward-thinking and values-based leadership in managing a constantly changing business environment.


TWU students conversing. Photo by TWU Marketing Department.

The program is designed around small classes so that students can interact with faculty in a dynamic and supportive learning environment. The professors have a wealth of professional experience outside of academia and a profound desire to help each student excel.

“We want students to align their business success with their personal values. People want to be successful while doing the right thing,” Chen says.

“Our programs emphasize the three Cs: competence, character and compassion. Character and compassion are what differentiate us. We want students to make ethical decisions, with honesty, integrity, and respect.”

What also sets TWU’s MBA programs apart is the ability to customize offerings and schedule to your individual needs with flexible weekend courses. The program works with students to design a personalized program that allows them to achieve their professional development goals and accommodates their busy schedules. 

“We tell people that you can do it. You don’t have to quit your job. We make things work for you,” Chen says.

Each MBA student receives a personal study plan, developed in consultation with an MBA coordinator who meets with each student individually to learn about their needs. 

“We want people to have a work/life balance and prioritize family if that’s needed,” Chen says.


Dr. Chen Liu, director of MBA at Trinity Western University. Photo by TWU Marketing Department.

TWU’s EMBA builds out its current MBA program, which offers three specializations: International Business, Management of the Growing Enterprise, and the Non-Profit and Charitable Organization Management. 

The Growing Enterprise stream is designed to help business leaders to scale business and manage growth.

“B.C. is really the place to be if you’re in a startup,” Chen says.

The Growing Enterprise stream is ideal for entrepreneurs with that special blend of originality, confidence, self-motivation and a desire to change the world. The program teaches students to combine these qualities with the business skills needed to grow an enterprise from the ground up or to enhance their current venture.

TWU is committed to supporting non-profit leadership, offering one of only two non-profit MBAs in Canada.

Non-profit managers have the challenge of using limited resources to meet great needs, while managing efficient and effective organizations. Leaders in this program cultivate skills that support and encourage great innovation and integrity, while using resources intelligently. This program prepares graduates to take their organizations and their missions to a higher level. 

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we do business. Now is the perfect time to learn for a changing world. 

“Now is always a good time. I talk to people who say they want to do a master’s but they’re too busy. You’re never going to get less busy.”

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